The Santa Cruz Boardwalk and its neighboring coastline form a dynamic playground, a perpetual carnival by the sea that delights both locals and visitors alike. Since its establishment in 1907, this kaleidoscopic hub of fun has become an iconic American destination, drawing in over a million people each year – from around the globe. In my visual diary, I capture the essence of this beloved spot along the California coast, a place far removed from the polished glamour of Hollywood. Here, amidst the convergence of Silicon Valley's innovation and the storied farming communities of Monterey County, I find myself immersed in the colorful mix of humanity's literal and emotional rollercoasters. Every step I take, every click of my camera's shutter, is infused with a love for documenting the diverse frolic of cultures and experiences that make this spot a treasured getaway.
A longterm boardwalk visual diary
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